Remembering the way music television used to be
Last updated Friday 20th January 2006 at 4:35 pm

Music Television reached it's popularity, when the ABC aired Countdown for the first time, during the later part of 1974. This program screened each week at six o'clock every Sunday night, until it's unfortunate axing in 1987.  Showcasing all the latest hits and music fads, current chart trends, and interviews, Countdown became the television staple of a generation.   The hottest acts would play their latest hits in the studio, as Ian "Molly" Meldrum unearthed many of Australia's unknown groups.  In coming months, we'll take a nostalgic trip back to the days, when every song in the top 40 was great, and remember some of this shows best moments.

At present I've listed the entire list of programs I have taped of rage, (for personal use only).  I am willing to do a program for program swap (dvd only) for anyone that wants a program they don't have.  I am happy to do this, as I'm still looking for many lost episodes.

The following list is a complete inventory of all taped programs in my collection.  All shows are complete, taped from the first frame to the last, unless stated.  Please note that all programs have been taped on high quality TDK VHS Video cassette unless stated otherwise.  I am currently setting up some new equipment which will allow me to transfer my taped countdowns to DVD, for easier viewing, and to reduce degradation of medias.

Before you ask me to send you any countdown material, please read copyright info at the bottom.  Shows marked with (DIG) have been recorded from digital television.  All other programs have been taped from analog broadcasts.

22nd February 1975
First countdown with John Farnham and Skyhooks
(date might be wrong, due to mix-up at the ABC)

31st August 1975 (Denise Drysdale hosting show)

7th September 1975

5th December 1976

9th January 1977  -  (DVD)
(top 100 of 1976  -  clips #50 to 33)

16th June 1977

13th November 1977

23rd July 1978
(hosted by Dame Edna)

24th September 1978
(hosted by Marc Hunter from Dragon)

1st October 1978
Rocktober Episode
( hosted by various DJ's from 2SM 3XY network)

15th October 1978
(Hosted by Molly Mildrum, Leif Garrett, and Kate Bush)

8th July 1979

15th July 1979

29th July 1979

5th August 1979

12th August 1979

19th August 1979

21st October 1979

28th October 1979
(steve gilpen  -  mi-sex)
(partial-about 85% complete-missed first 10 minutes)

4th November 1979

11th November 1979

18th November 1979

25th November 1979

2nd December 1979

16th December 1979 Countdown
(end of the decade)

23rd March 1980

1st June 1980

29th June 1980

13th July 1980

26th July 1980

5th October 1980 (DIG)

26th October 1980

9th November 1980

8th February 1981

15th March 1981

29th March 1981

31st May 1981 (DIG)
Show presented by Ross Wilson and Ian Molly Mildrum.

14th July 1981

6th September 1981 (DIG)

20th September 1981

18th October 1981
(hosted by Leo Sayer and Molly Mildrum)

15th November 1981
(hosted by Bucks Fizz)

22nd November 1981

29th November 1981

27th December 1981

17th January 1982
This show contained a uncontrollable Rod Stewart with Molly.

14th February 1982

24th January 1982
(summer edition - videos of rock).

31st January 1982
(summer edition)

17th April 1982

16th May 1982

13th June 1982

20th June 1982

18th July 1982

8th August 1982

17th October 1982

13th March 1983 (DIG)
Show presented by Little Heroes vocalist.

15th May 1983

29th May 1983

17th July 1983

7th August 1983

13th November 1983

18th December 1983 (DIG)
Show hosted by the members of Pseudo Echo.

18th Feb 1984 (sandii and the sunsetz hosting show)

11th March 1984

18th March 1984

8th April 1984

29th April 1984

2nd May 1984

Countdown Awards (about May 1984)
(hosted by Billy idol and various aussie artists)

10th June 1984

24th June 1984

1st July 1984

8th July 1984

17th July 1984

9th September 1984

16th September 1984
The show starts with Howard Jones in studio performance.

7th October 1984

18th November 1984

23rd December 1984  -  Twisted Sister as in-studio guests

31st March 1985

12th May 1985

18th August 1985

15th September 1985

20th October 1985

2nd February 1986

18th May 1986

14th September 1986

14th February 1987

8th March 1987  -  Hosted by Samantha Fox

17th May 1987

24th May 1987

12th July 1987
(hosted by Mike Hammond and Kylie Minogue)


Please note that I do the above activities as a hobby only.  I tape and obtain episodes of countdown for personal collection only.  I do not need or want to make any moneys for personal gain, as the material is copyrighted to the ABC, (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Please note that I do exchanges only.  All programs are the property of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  I am not responsible for what you do with the material, once it is out of my hand.  It is your obligation to respect the copyright law by not producing any unlicensed copies for financial gain, unauthorised performances, or any other activity of an illegal nature.



This site contains info on Countdown episodes from the 1970's
and interesting notes on early video recording equipment.

Comprehensive site on Countdown detailing episode contents,
personalities, performers and presenters

You can check out what Countdown episodes Rage is going to replay, at the below URL.
Countdowns are replayed only during January.

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