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Like many things, the Intellivision fad took off with a delayed start in Australia, but by 1983, much of the hardware and software associated with the system was readily available.  My first experience with Intellivision was when we received a unit as a late Christmas gift in early 1982.  This was my introduction to the video gaming world.  The first games I remember playing were Space Armada, Space Battle, Lock 'n' Chase, Mission X, Snafu, Frogger, Pinball and Armour Battle.  To date these are still my favourite games, and during a spare moment of a strong sentimental itch, rip out my INTV System III and give them all a good play. 

With a strong interest in reviving the Intellivision games over recent years, we have decided to dedicate an entire section to this system.  Compared to many of the other systems around at the time, including the Atari 2600, Spectrum ZX and Commodore Vic 20, Intellivision stood out to be the best in graphics, colour, action and sound. 

We have compiled a short history on where computers and gaming first started, how the Intellivision came about and a overview of the entire Intellivision era, including the way Mattel took Atari on, the booming years; when they'd employed over a hundred programmers, to keep up with the systems popularity, the rise, the fall, and then the rise and fall again of Intellivision.  Browse through the new section and let us remember, the way gaming use to be back then.

     Introduction to computers and the start of computer games.
     History of Mattel Electronics and the Intellivision Video Game System.
     Games Review Page One  -  Space Armada.
     Games Review Page Two  -  Pinball.
     Games Review Page Three  -  Snafu and some game bugs.
     Pretty Patterns in Snafu.

     The all time top five games.
     Games Review Page One.
     Games Review Page Two.
     Games to avoid.
     The worlds best MAME Links.

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