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Reviving the video gaming era of the 80's


Ever since the start of the first coined operated video game systems in the early seventies, there has been a vast multitude of different games.  It is estimated that they were at lease 3,500 various titles, and that is for mame alone.  As time goes by, they are new games being designed, programmed and released everyday, as this figure continues to climb.  At Intelligaming, we have compiled the all time top five, ranking only the best games that deliver a strong challenge, yet at the same time giving the player the chance of fighting, shooting, punching, knocking, and playing their skill in any way imaginable. 

Longevity is the key for a games ranking.  How much kick has a game got after multiple playings? and how well has a game been designed.  Believe it or not, they are several games with program language bugs, which effect game behavior.  With many of them, they are ways of getting around these bugs, and some that are just destined for the bin.  Check the list out, plus our other review pages, and see what you think.

I downloaded MAME in May 2000 and since then relived some of my favorites and messed about with some shockers.  Go through my list and compare notes.  I've also included screen shots of my best games.  NO cheat.dat file was used, so all high scores are from genuine game-play.

GYRUSS  -  KONAMI  -  1983  -  SCORE 100%++

Kind of like Galaga but with a more controllable game play.  This is another shoot'em up  -  but where all the aliens sink to the middle of the screen.  My best game reached level 7 with a score of 74,400 points. 

The best way to attack this game is to take note, on where the aliens enter the screen.  Becoming familiar with their entering points of the screen, place your rocket underneath and shoot as quick as you can.  Bonus points are given for destroying all ships in a cluster.

Some time during the game levels, you will have three aliens floating together.  Two blue and one orangey red.  Take advantage of these as they will double your rocket fire capacity. 

After the first two levels, You'll get a chance round.  Aliens drop in clusters, but don't produce enemy fire.  This is another opportunity to score big.  Try to hit every alien in the chance round, and you score 10,000 points.

Game play becomes harder in levels 3 and 4, and the movement of the aliens becomes erratic.  You'll also have to avoid infrared bombs that trace your ship.  Level 5 and 6 presents a new danger.  Magnetic radiation fields.  Clusters of aliens draw together and build a field of radiation that keeps increasing in size.  If you don't attack it quick smart, you'll become trapped and the games over.

The controls take a little getting use to though.  I LOVE THAT MUSIC!.  When I get into the Mame-Mood, eight times out of ten, it's for a good interactive battle with Gyruss!!!

Q-BERT  -  GOTTLIEB  -  1982  -  SCORE 100%

You are q-bert who has to jump on each of the cubes.  The aim of the game is to change the colour of each cube to it's target colour by jumping on it.  A little more complicated then your shoot'em ups, but great to play.  My highest score was 17,550 points with a starter on the fifth frame.  My technique is to quickly start jumping down the left hand side, and then come up on the next diagonal row of cubes.  (far left screen above)  By this time the snake will be moving somewhere in the middle.  Use this opportunity to quickly go for the spinning disc.  Jump on to the disc when the snake is right behind you.  This will lure him to his fatal fall.  Stay on the ball as the jumping objects may trap you, so look-out for that vacant cube when getting closed in

SPACE INVADERS  -  MIDWAY  -  1978  -  SCORE 100%

A Straight forward shoot'em up game that's simple, challenging and fun.  My best score was 4370 as I managed to fight it through to the beginning of the fifth frame. 

My main strategy is to start shooting them in vertical columns.  Start from the left and work your way to the right.  I find the far left protection base an obstacle through the course of battle, so I tend to destroy it as soon as I can.  At the beginning of each new frame, remember to fire as many left side columns as you can, before they drop down to the next layer.  This method will give you a good start, and won't bog you in  -  particularly in the later frames.

NEW RALLY X  -  NAMCO  -  1981  -  SCORE 100%

A HUGE improvement over it's predecessor, New Rally X seems to be the complete package.  It seemed the original version wasn't finished.  The game play is the same, where you clear out flags without bumping into other cars.

This version awards points for remaining fuel.  Therefore a good challenge lays in how quick you can clear the flags out.  Secondly, the game seems to move at a much more playable pace.  You have time to glance at the flag map on the right, and more of a chance to avoid oncoming cars at the last moment.  LOOK OUT  -  You now have five cars following you rather then three.   The roads can be blocked with rocks which don't show up on the flag map.

JR. PAC-MAN  -  BALLY MIDWAY  -  1983  -  SCORE 100%

Many versions of this game were released in the early 1980's.  Out of the dozen or so variations, I liked Jr. Pac Man the best.  It's much more challenging then the original Pac-Man, simply because of the size of it's maze.  The score is pretty ordinary, but I mainly play this game for fun.  Try to keep yourself moving freely.  Move around the frame quickly.  Don't hang around one particular spot for a while.  I like clearing out one spot at a time, but you have to be kind of compromising with this method, as it will trap you in.  Clearing out each area is a technique more suited for the original pac-man maze.  What's also great about this version are the chunky pellets that suddenly pop up, and are worth 50 points each.  These start appearing midway through the frame.  You also have eight power pills.  YOU RIPPER!!!.

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