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Reviving the video gaming era of the 80's


LADY BUG  -  UNIVERSAL  -  1981  -  SCORE 60%

A game that shares the same style of game-play as Pac-Man, Just with different whistles, bells and shapes.  You control Lady bug who eats ants as she moves around the maze.  Just like the ghosts in pac-man, She has to avoid bumping into these nasty bugs to stay alive.  Lady bug only moves when you hold your fingers down on the controls.  Look out for the changing colour spots as each colour has a different point value.  This is indicated by the coloured score table on the screen top.

My approach to this game is pretty much the same as pac-man,  Stay away from the nasties and particularly with this game, use the revolving doors to your advantage.  Block a certain section off, then sit right next to the coloured spot.  As soon as it changes to red, jump across it.  Red gives the maximum points as blue gives the least. 

Occasionally through out the game, Letter characters from the word "special" appear inside the coloured spots.  Eat these letter spots and earn up to 1600 points.  However this is only possible when they are red.  Be quick though  -  they turn red for only half a second.  I picked up 3200 points for picking up the letters P and I as shown in the middle screen shot. 

Only real hassle with this game is that the controls are very heavy.  Game could move a bit faster!

STAR WARS (set one)  -  ATARI  -  1983  -  SCORE 25%

You are Luke Skywalker in the Cot pit.  You fire your lasers at oncoming enemy ships, and work your way towards Darth Vaders Death Star.  Whilst orbiting the death star, you fire more oncoming ships and drop a bomb at the end to destroy the star, Just like they do in the movie.  Good sounds but the graphics are pretty ordinary, which is why I haven't really got into this game.

UP AND DOWN  -  SEGA  -  1983  -  SCORE 100%

This game leaves Rally X for dead.  With Up and Down you clear out a number of flags on a raceway.  Along the way you can speed up or slow down.  The best part of it is that you can jump on top of cars and score extra points, just like Bump 'n' Jump.

There's no rule to say you have to go fast, so at first go slow.  This will give you time to navigate your area, and know where advancing cars are coming from.  Adjust your speed, make sure you're on a straight stretch of road and jump onto a car.  Clear all the flags out and you score a bundle of points.  Your speed is controlled by the up-down arrows and steering by the left and right.  I really enjoy this game and play it quite regularly.   

POOYAN  -  KONAMI  -  1982  -  SCORE 60%

Get the pins out and start poppin' balloons.  Pooyan is one of those arcade games with a bit of humour in it's game play.  As you Bunji Jump from the top of a building, you are armed with bow and arrows.  Shooting them toward falling rabbits.  Pop their balloons and they crash down, and you get the points.  If they land safely, you run the risk of breaking your rope, and then you hit the ground nice and hard.  Be on the look out as the rabbits throw water bombs back at you.  The best strategy to this game is to try not to miss any.  The more rabbits that hit the ground, the shorter your lifespan.  Longevity in game play wears off pretty quick.

RALLY-X  -  NAMCO  -  1980  -  SCORE 50%

Pump up the tires, oil up the engine and put the peddle to the metal.  On your ride, you are clearing out the flags in a town.  Clear out the whole town then proceed to the next frame.  Game object is great  -  but it's big downfall is it's blind area.  By the time you know you're going to crash, it's to late.  This problem really impedes game play, therefore making the game unplayable. 

What often heads me off in the right direction is when your car first starts off, go backwards and smoke out the first car.  This gives me extra time to go right down the left side, check the map and start clearing the first flags.

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