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Reviving the video gaming era of the 80's


This is another of arcades shockers.  For the simple reason that it's unplayable.  You have to bounce your yo-yo from dot to dot.  The longer the jump, the more points you earn as shown on the far right screen shot.  Whilst jumping, you have to avoid a gray snake that wonders around the screen.  This is where the game becomes impossible to play.

The downfall seems to be where-ever you are, the snake will be in your line of jumping.  As shown on the far left, as soon as the game starts, you are hit.   You start working to clear out each row and you're hit again.  If your getting into a tight corner, no matter what direction you bounce, the snake will getcha.  Game play would have been great if the snake was randomly jumping in different directions.  This game's a lost course.  I don't know if there was a genuine bug in this games programming development, but I don't think I'll touch this one again. 

VULGUS  -  CAPCOM  -  1984  -  SCORE 0%

A shoot'em up with a great game objective  -  BUT this would have to be one of Arcades Worst.  Your advancement in the game purely depends on luck.  Whether you are a skillful player or not, you'll never make it to 10,000 points, simply because of this blind spot.

The aim of the game is to defend your part of the desert as enemy craft come to attack.  What I love is the double fire action.  You destroy the oncoming force by maneuvering your craft left and right, and firing your guns.  You can also go up and down, but increases your chances of being closed in.  I generally move about where I have marked with the pink arrow.   

This games biggest problem is that enemy craft come from an off-screen area. (marked with a red ellipse).  Therefore you really have no time to move to defend your craft.  The bombs that fly through the air also suddenly appear on your screen from this same blind spot.  (marked with a green arrow).    All three of your crafts are destroyed before your score reaches 5,000 in most games, leaving this game right down the bottom of the list for playability. 

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