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Some of you out there may be aware of various projects, which are attempts of compiling an historical archive of every charting hit.  The initial project started in the late 90s which back then was called the Whitburn project.  It was and still is an effort of compiling every song that has charted on the Billboard charts.  The idea was named after Joel Whitburn himself, who has released a number of books containing Billboards past charts, and much music chart research information - These books are bloody awesome - I have some of these books in my own collection.

With the rise of the internet, the collaboration started as an effort of some folks pooling there mp3s through a discussion board.  With this a data sheet was compiled that would contain all the songs ever charted in Billboard's hot 100 chart since the late 1890s.  Yes you read that correct, from over the last 100 odd years.  I got to say, these guys must suffer from some obsessive compulsion disorder, but what the hell, why not, it sounds like a fantastic thing to do. 

These groups have grown over the years and now have formed into sub-groups such as whitburn.mp3, whitburn.lossless, and other charts such as britburn which covers the British charts, and OzBurn which kind of takes care of the Australian charts, the operative words being "Kind Of". 

Apparently OzBurn is only doing the Australian tracks, which is fair enough, why duplicate someone else's work from other groups.  Unfortunately as great as OzBurn is, it only is being done in mp3, a file format I loathe, because in simple english it degrades the quality of the files severely.  Those who defend mp3 state that 320s sound as good as the original, but that's an argument I'm not going to get into.  Simply put, mp3 is inferior to flac and wav, because it is not a bit for bit identical copy of the original rip. 

Back to Whitburn however - In many to most cases, the files are rips from CDs and CD singles.  Unfortunately there is still a lot of material from the 60s 70s and 80s that hasn't seen a release on CD, thus many of the gaps have to be filled in by converting vinyl to digital, or as some say in the group - ripping vinyl, and I don't mean literally.  Many of the vinyl rips sound quite good, it seems like they've been done properly, but they are those that sound plain shocking.  The ripper has drowned the recording in tons of noise reduction, clipped the levels to loud, or just has used a worn stylus. 

Even worse are those rips done on an USB turntable.   Many USB turntables can do a direct needle drop to wav, which is fine - if the unit is hooked up using standard RCA chords to a soundcard.  However, they are those who use the USB plug from the turntable to the USB port of their computer.  As the record is playing, the turntable is converting the audio into mp3, which is then fed to the computer.  Even if the software is recording in WAV, the USB input from the turntable is mp3, thus the WAV will contain an mp3 stream of the vinyl being ripped. 

The last 50 odd years (1950 - 1999), has seen a huge body of musical work that needs a place in our history.  The pop music of the 60s 70s 80s and 90s was unique in its own form - its melodies, variety of styles and genres, legendary artists, and a spectrum of wonderful music talent that this world will never experience again.  This era was the goldilocks period, a time when technology was advance enough for the creation of memorable pop hits and quality distribution such as records and CDs. 

This was before technology evolved to the point of lossy mp3 formats, brickwalled mastering, and inferior amateurish pop, which had changed music for the worse.  This generally started happening around 2001-2002.  Chart music has now deteriorated to a point of ugliness with the abundance of grunge, hip-hop, and screaming teen groups filling today's charts.  But then, that's just my opinion, and can respect those who like today's music.

The above project such as Whitburn, Britburn, and OzBurn strive to build a library of every charting hit from every era and decade, but this is where it ends in one way, and starts for me in another.  Already, over the last five odd years, I've amassed a huge digital music library, that has been compiled using the best available copies of every track, and taking particular note of the quality of each and every file.  The originating purpose was to build a library for my radio station, but with that I'm becoming pretty damn close to having every charting single from the 70s 80s and 90s from Australia's Kent Music Report.


So with this in mind, I thought it be appropriate that I endeavour to try something similar.  To obtain every song that has entered the Kent Music Report Top 100 Weekly music charts from the 70s 80s and 90s.  Over coming months, I'll be posting chart runs, like the one below, noting what tracks I've got, and what I don't have.  The songs that I have in my collection will be highlighted in
green, and the ones missing in red, and the ones I may possibly have marked in purple.  Down below are some snippets from the "list of entries" - a run of tracks from both 1980 and 1983.

Entry date - Artist(s) - Track title - Record Label

03-Mar-80 - Specials - A message to you ruby - Chrysalis
03-Mar-80 - Donna Summer - On the radio - Casablanca
03-Mar-80 - Headboys - The shape of things to come - RSO
03-Mar-80 - Dionne Warwick - Deju vu - Arista
03-Mar-80 - Marianne Faithfull - The Ballad of Lucy Jordan - Island
03-Mar-80 - Viola Wills - Gonna get along without you now - RCA
03-Mar-80 - Dirt Band - An american dream (with Linda Ronstadt) - United Artists
03-Mar-80 - Henry Mancini - Ravel's bolero - Warner Brothers
03-Mar-80 - Abba - I have a dream - RCA
10-Mar-80 - Duffy's Band - Day trip to Bangor - Festival
10-Mar-80 - Fozzie and Kermit - Movin' right along - CBS
10-Mar-80 - Teri De Sario - Yes i'm ready (with KC) - Casablanca
10-Mar-80 - Don McLean - Crying - Interfusion
10-Mar-80 - Dan Fogelberg - Longer - Epic
10-Mar-80 - Reels - Prefab hearts - Mercury
10-Mar-80 - Moon Martin - Rolene - Capitol
10-Mar-80 - Ken Walther - Get em going cabes - RCA
17-Mar-80 - Motels - Total control - Capitol
17-Mar-80 - B 52's - Rock lobster - Warner Brothers
17-Mar-80 - Billy Preston and Syreeta - With you I'm born again - Motown
17-Mar-80 - Alan O'Day - Skinny Girls - Pacific
17-Mar-80 - Foghat - Third time lucky (first time I was a fool) - Bearsville
17-Mar-80 - Lynne Hamilton - On the inside (re-entry) - RCA
17-Mar-80 - Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker - Chrysalis
17-Mar-80 - Isaac Hayes - Don't let go - Polydor
24-Mar-80 - Bob Seger  - Fire lake (with the silver bullet band) - Capitol
24-Mar-80 - Dr Hook - Sexy eyes - Capitol
24-Mar-80 - Aliens - Follow that girl - Mushroom (edited copy from "squeezed out" compilation)
24-Mar-80 - Daryl Hall and John Oates - Wait for me - RCA
24-Mar-80 - Blondie - Atomic - Chrysalis
24-Mar-80 - Joan Armatrading - Rosie - A&M
24-Mar-80 - Dollar - I wanna hold your hand - Acrobat
31-Mar-80 - Misex - People - CBS
31-Mar-80 - Major Matchbox - Rockabilly rebel - Magnet
31-Mar-80 - Darryl Cotton - Same old girl - EMI
31-Mar-80 - Rocky Burnette - Tired of toein the line - EMI
31-Mar-80 - Rupert Holmes - Him - RCA
31-Mar-80 - The Jacksons - Shake your body (down to the ground) - Epic
31-Mar-80 - Andy Gibb - Desire - Interfusion
07-Apr-80 - Bette Midler - The rose - Atlantic
07-Apr-80 - Billy Joel - You may be right - CBS
07-Apr-80 - Numbers - The modern song - Deluxe
07-Apr-80 - Spinners - Working my way back to you  - Atlantic
07-Apr-80 - Jon English - Carmilla - Mercury
07-Apr-80 - Peter Allen - I still call australia home - A&M
07-Apr-80 - Grand Junction - Married women - RCA
07-Apr-80 - Diana Ross - It's my house - Motown
14-Apr-80 - John St Peeters - Wonder world - RCA
14-Apr-80 - Anne Murray - Daydream believer - Capitol
14-Apr-80 - Godley and Creme - An englishman in New York (strange apparatus) - Polydor
21-Apr-80 - Sky - Toccata - RCA
21-Apr-80 - Smokey Robinson - Cruisin - Tamia Motown
21-Apr-80 - Christopher Cross - Ride like the win - Warner Brothers
21-Apr-80 - Babys - Back on my feet again - Chrysalis
21-Apr-80 - Secret Service - Oh susie - CBS
21-Apr-80 - Bonnie Pointer - I can't help myself - Motown
21-Apr-80 - Australian Crawl - The boys light up - EMI
28-Apr-80 - The Vapors - Turning japanese - United Artists
28-Apr-80 - Marti Webb - Take the look off your face - Polydor
28-Apr-80 - Word - I think I'm falling in love - Infinity
28-Apr-80 - Linda George and Paul McKay - Love is enough - Full moon
17-Jan-83 - Wham - Young guns (go for it) - Epic
17-Jan-83 - Divinyls - Science fiction - Chrysalis
17-Jan-83 - Marvin Gaye - Sexula healing - CBS
17-Jan-83 - Billy Joel - Allen town - CBS
17-Jan-83 - Ultravox - Reap the wild wind - Chrysalis
17-Jan-83 - Elvis Presley - The elvis medley - RCA
17-Jan-83 - Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons - Walk on by - Mushroom
17-Jan-83 - Donna Summer - State of independence - Warner Brothers
17-Jan-83 - John Lennon - Love - Parlophone
17-Jan-83 - Dexy's Midnight Runners - Jackie Wilson said - Mercury
17-Jan-83 - Barry Manilow - I wanna do it with you - Arista
17-Jan-83 - Spandau Ballet - Lifeline - Chrysalis
24-Jan-83 - Air Supply - Two less lonely people in the world - Big Time
24-Jan-83 - Stephen Cummins - We make mistakes - Regular
24-Jan-83 - Dan Fogelberg - Missing you - Epic
24-Jan-83 - Don't pay the ferryman - Chris De Burgh - A&M
24-Jan-83 - Neil Young - Little thing called love - Geffen
24-Jan-83 - Slim Dusty - The pub that doesn't sell beer - Columbia
24-Jan-83 - Tavares - A penny for your thoughts - RCA
24-Jan-83 - Michael Murphy - What's forever for - United Artists
24-Jan-83 - Flash and the Pan - Waiting for a train - Albert
24-Jan-83 - David Frizzell - I'm gonna hire a wino to decorate our house - Warner Brothers
31-Jan-83 - Phil Collins - You can't hurry love - WEA
31-Jan-83 - Madness - Our house - Stiff
31-Jan-83 - Jeffrey Osborne - On the wings of love - A&M
31-Jan-83 - Billy Idol - White wedding - Chrysalis
31-Jan-83 - Yazoo - The other side of love - Mute
31-Jan-83 - Pointer Sisters - American music - RCA
31-Jan-83 - Missing Persons - Destination unknown - Capitol
31-Jan-83 - Kim Wilde - Child come away - Rak
31-Jan-83 - FR David - Words - RCA
07-Feb-83 - Dire Straits - Twisting by the pool - Vertigo
07-Feb-83 - Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five - The message - RCA
07-Feb-83 - Carl Carlton - Baby I need your lovin' RCA
07-Feb-83 - Bob Seger - Shame on the moon - Capitol
07-Feb-83 - The Jam - Beats surrender - Polydor
07-Feb-83 - Rod Stewart - Guess I'll always love you - Warner Brothers
07-Feb-83 - Chicago - Love me tomorrow - Full Moon
07-Feb-83 - Bucks Fizz - If you can't stand the heat - RCA
07-Feb-83 - Suzi Quatro - Heart of stone - Polydor
14-Feb-83 - Monte Video and the Cassettes - Shoop shoop diddy wop... - White Label
14-Feb-83 - Blancmange - Living on the ceiling - London
14-Feb-83 - The Clash - Should I stay or should I go - Epic
14-Feb-83 - The Little River Band - The other guy - Capitol
14-Feb-83 - ABBA - Under attack - RCA
14-Feb-83 - Prince - 1999 - Warner Brothers
21-Feb-83 - Culture Club - Time (clock of the heart) - Virgin
21-Feb-83 - Golden Earring - Twilight zone - Mercury
21-Feb-83 - Olivia Newton John - Tied up in promises - Interfusion
21-Feb-83 - Ray Parker Jr - Bad boy - Arista
21-Feb-83 - Eddie Rabbit - You and I (featuring Crystal Gayle) - Mercury
21-Feb-83 - Cliff Richard - True love ways - EMI
21-Feb-83 - UK Squeeze - Annie get your gun - A&M
28-Feb-83 - Sheena Easton - We've got tonight (with Kenny Rogers) - United Artists
28-Feb-83 - The The - Uncertain smile - Epic
28-Feb-83 - Tears for Fears - Mad world - Mercury
28-Feb-83 - Thompson Twins - Lies - Arista
28-Feb-83 - Demis Roussos - Follow me adagio movement of the concierto de aranjuez - Mercury
28-Feb-83 - Kids from Fame - Hi fidelity - RCA
28-Feb-83 - Kiss - I love it loud - Casablanca
28-Feb-83 - Michael Jackson - Billy Jean - Epic
07-Mar-83 - Wickety Wak - Moonlight marvel - Hot Wax
07-Mar-83 - James Ingram and Patti Austin - Baby come to me - Qwest
07-Mar-83 - Flock of Seagulls - Space age love - Jive
07-Mar-83 - Hot Chocolate - Chances - Rak
07-Mar-83 - Don Henley - Dirty laundry - Asylum
07-Mar-83 - Randy Newman and Paul Simon - The blues - Warner Brothers
14-Mar-83 - Christopher Cross - Alright - Warner Brothers
14-Mar-83 - Inxs - To look at you - WEA
14-Mar-83 - Flock of Seagulls - Wishing (if I had a photograph of you) - Jive
14-Mar-83 - Expression - With closed eyes - Mushroom
14-Mar-83 - Whitesnake - Here I go again - United Artists
14-Mar-83 - Hall and Oates - One on one - RCA
14-Mar-83 - Linda Ronstadt - I knew you when - Asylum
21-Mar-83 - Sylvester - Do you wanna funk - RCA
21-Mar-83 - Kaajaagogo - Too shy - EMI
21-Mar-83 - Globos - The beat goes on - White Label
21-Mar-83 - Dan Hill - It's a long road - Liberation
21-Mar-83 - Icehouse - Street cafe - Regular
21-Mar-83 - Modern Romance - Best years of our lives - WEA
21-Mar-83 - Goanna - Razor's edge - WEA
21-Mar-83 - John Cougar - Hand to hold on to - Warner Brothers
21-Mar-83 - Kid Creole and the Coconuts - Annie I'm not your daddy - Ze
28-Mar-83 - David Bowie - Let's dance - EMI America
28-Mar-83 - Men at work - Overkill - CBS
28-Mar-83 - Renee Geyer and Glenn Shorrock - Goin back - Mushroom
28-Mar-83 - Midnight Oil - Power and the passion - CBS
28-Mar-83 - Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo gals - Charisma
28-Mar-83 - Angels - Eat city - Epic
28-Mar-83 - Heaven 17 - Let me go - Virgin
28-Mar-83 - Thomas Dolby - She blinded me with science - Parlophone
28-Mar-83 - Mari Wilson - Just what I always wanted - Compact / London
28-Mar-83 - Toto Coelo - Dracula's tango (sucker for your love) - Radialchoice
28-Mar-83 - Musical youth - Youth of today - MCA
04-Apr-83 - Renee and Renato - Save your love - RCA
04-Apr-83 - Eddie Grant - I don't wanna dance - Ice
04-Apr-83 - Brenton Roberts - Man and woman - Powderworks
04-Apr-83 - China Crisis - African and white - Virgin
04-Apr-83 - Joan Armatrading - Drop the pilot - A&M
04-Apr-83 - Runners - Endlessly hitting the wall - Mushroom
04-Apr-83 - Naked Eyes - Always something there to remind me - EMI
04-Apr-83 - Eric Clapton - I've got a rock'n'roll heart - WEA
04-Apr-83 - Deckchairs overboard - That's the way - Regular
04-Apr-83 - Lionel Richie - You are - Motown
11-Apr-83 - Falco - Der kommissar - A&M
11-Apr-83 - Mental as anything - Spirit got lost - Regular
11-Apr-83 - Divinyls - Siren (never let you go) - Chrysalis
11-Apr-83 - Splitenz - Next exit - Mushroom
11-Apr-83 - Steel Breeze - You don't want me anymore - RCA
11-Apr-83 - Sharon O'Neill - Losing you - CBS
11-Apr-83 - Indeep - Last night a DJ saved my life - RCA
11-Apr-83 - Singing Sheep - Baa baa black sheep - Virgin
          (I don't really know if I want this one in my collection  -  I guess time will tell :) )
11-Apr-83 - Rose Tattoo - Branded - Albert
11-Apr-83 - Steve Lange - Don't want to cry no more - Jive
11-Apr-83 - Garland Jeffreys - Surrender - Epic
11-Apr-83 - Party Boys - Bitch - Oz
18-Apr-83 - Redgum - I was only 19 - Epic
18-Apr-83 - U2 - New years day - Island
18-Apr-83 - Avion - I need you - RCA
18-Apr-83 - Wham! - Wham rap - Epic
18-Apr-83 - Styx - Mr roboto - A&M
18-Apr-83 - Mark Knopfler - Going home - Vertigo
18-Apr-83 - Alnighters - Hold on - Powderworks
18-Apr-83 - Eurythmics - Love is a stranger - RCA
18-Apr-83 - After the fire - Der kommissar - Epic
18-Apr-83 - Mondo Rock - In another love - WEA
18-Apr-83 - Colleen hewett - Wind beneath my wings - CBS
25-Apr-83 - Gordon Franklin and his Wilderness Ensemble - Let the Franklin flow - WEA
25-Apr-83 - Uncanny X Men - How do you get your kicks - Mushroom
25-Apr-83 - Weather Girls - It's raining men - CBS
25-Apr-83 - Belle Stars - Sign of the times - Stiff
25-Apr-83 - Greg Kihn Band - Jeopardy - Liberation
25-Apr-83 - Echo and the Bunnymen - The cutter - Korova / WEA

This link takes you to a part of the charts forum, where bulion (a member there) has been kind enough to list every charting track from the Kent Music Report by year.

The Australian Music situation
Updated Saturday 12th October 2013 at 5:35pm

Since I started the Kentburn project officially back in December 2012, there has been a number of interesting developments.  The first of which were my various trips to record fairs across Sydney over the last year or so. We were able to get quite a number of 45s, and fill in many gaps from the mid to late eighties, however the period from the 1970s to around 1982 is very hit and miss.   

Overseas artists from the US, the British Isles, and Europe generally have had their back catalogues well serviced, when generally speaking.  Unfortunately the same can't be said for the Australian artists, I even think the Kiwi's have more love for their local artists then we do. 

There is just so much Aussie stuff from the 70s and 80s that is impossible to find on CD.  Though we could go for LPs or Compilations, for digital mastering reasons, I'd rather get a 45 if possible.  I do already have many rare Australian tracks on near mint vinyl LPs and Compilations, but I just feel that technically speaking the dynamic and EQ range is better from a 45.  This is due to the faster rotation speed and wider groove positioning.  Any gaps in the Kentburn list, where lossless digital copies can't be obtained, I'll look for a mint 45 for digital transferring.  I am surprised how many of these in such condition are still around if one knows were to look.

We have also established contact with someone from the Britburn project, meaning that we now have a membership on that forum as well.  Hopefully this should give us access to many of the harder to find British and European songs from this era.   

Over the last year or so, we've managed to pick up around 450 singles, but not having my chart book with me, I'm not sure if they have all charted in the Kent Report.  As I'm ending up with a bit more stuff then expected, I'll be taking my Kent chart book with me next time.  As much as I would like to get more of those non charting hits, the room I have available I think will just be enough for me to collect all the missing charting hits and no more.

At this stage we're doing well, and if you like to hear the fruits of this project, all this music is being played on 2PR FM, the very reason behind this radio station.   Here is my latest
youtube update:


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