14.   Preparing raw vinyl track for CD

First select the entire track holding down your "ctrl" button, then press the letter "A".  You should now have your screen looking somewhat like this. (never mind my colour scheme from Mars).

Go to the process menu, then click on normalise,  You can set the peak to 0db (100%), but I prefer to set it to -0.07db (99.20%).  I always like leaving a buffer for making absolutely sure, that they will be no distortion. 

Click OK and then the size of your wave-form should increase.

Remember before saving, if you are unhappy with any of the processes that you have made so far, you can simply undo them by going to the edit menu, and selecting "undo". 

To finish off, go to file, then save.  This track is now ready to burn to CD.

LP2CD  -  Copying your vinyl to CD
using Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge 6.0.

1.   General Overview. 
2.   Choosing the right soundcard. 
3.   Choosing the right turntable. 
4.   Purchasing a Phono preamp. 
5.   Positioning of equipment. 
6.   Connecting your computer and hi-fi together for duplication. 
7.   Configuring the record and playback controls on Sound-Blaster Value. 
8.   Configuring the record and playback controls on the M Audio Delta 66. 
9.   Recording the sound signal to hard-drive. 
10.   Opening and Configuring Sound Forge for Recording and Playback. 
11.   Starting a recording session. 
12.   Increasing the volume of softer recordings. 
13.  Tidying the beginning and end portions of a sound file. 
14.   Preparing raw vinyl track for CD. 
15.   De-clicking and de-crackling dusty recordings. 
16.   Enhancing the finished track.   

Version 1.2 by Mark Boerebach  -  Updated Tuesday 26th August 2003