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Since my first little National Panasonic cassette Recorder in 1978, I have always carried a strong interest in Chart Music and Radio Stations.  From 1980, I started compiling music charts and since 1989, worked on my own weekly chart which surveys Australia's top 20 singles.  In late July 2000 this project came to an end, when the quality of pop music started to become somewhat questionable.  Since then I have researched and compiled this website.

With the creation of this website, I have come across a large number of collectables from past years.  These range from newspaper clippings, candid tape recordings, old television programs and other bits and pieces from the late seventies through to the early nineties.  What I missed in the seventies, I managed to pick up second hand.

With the internet, I can now share many of these memories with you.  Much of the meterial comes from Radio, Television and Newspapers from the Sydney Region.

At present most of the material below is text only, but with the recent exciting changes to our hosting situation, I'm currently raiding my cassette collection, encoding some stuff to put up.  I have started with a few sound-bites already.  To listen, simply click on the hyperlink and your windows player should activate.  If not, check out the
"WMA DOCTOR"  for getting your player configured properly.

Well now lets hop into the time machine and hit rewind!!

I would like to send a big thank you to
Wayne Mac, for providing the earlier material, and the others whose time I greatly appreciate, in helping me fill in the gaps; Leigh Wallis, Mike Hammond, and Ian MacRae.

Sydney radio now and
how it once sounded fantastic in the eighties.

The Amazing AM, 2UW

For most of my teenage-years, (1979-1985) I listened to 2-U-W. with Rick Melbourne, Graeme Stone and Bazz and Pilko…  remember them?  In those days they had many positioners, including "The amazing AM" and "Hit Radio 11".  They even called themselves "Magic 11" in the earlier part of 1984. 

From 1980 Rick Melbourne worked on the breakfast show.  Out of numerous radio announcers I've heard, he was one of the most imaginative. 

During his years at U-W, he played a contest called The 60 Minute challenge.  Rick would announce a wild and wacky mission that would have to be accomplished within 60 minutes.  He would invite potential volunteers to ring in to the station.  The selected listener would have to meet Rick's Co-Host, Lindel at the missions location,  If they succeeded in their wild endeavours, they won $500 cash. 

In September 1983, one contestants mission was to find ten individual backyard swimming pools in Carlingfood, and swim them all by the end of the hour.  Contestant George completed his mission with only two minutes to spare.  I wonder if he can still remember that morning.

Rick and Kayley on 2UW in September 1983.

When all the madness of Rick's breakfast show was over, it was time for Pete Rudder.  Trevor Sinclair did afternoons and Graeme Stone did drive.  In 1983, Wacka McCartney worked on the 6pm to midnight shift.  Wacka's radio style was much like Cameron Dano, but was more of a romantic rather then a comedian.  He worked at 2-U-W up to November 1983 and was never heard of again.  From 1983 Pam McKay read many of the stations news bulletins.  She became a regular news reader for stations in the A-R-N Network in the late eighties, when aggregation was all the fad for the commercial radio industry.  The evening shift was filled by David Kidd in 1984 and 1985.  Perfect Match was a successful dating quiz show on Australian television at the time.  David produced a radio version of the game for 2UW and called it "Love Match".  Contestants won tickets to pop concerts and special nights out.

I can still recall the first few moments of Magic 11.   Come 6:00am Monday morning 23rd January 1984.  Graham Bond reads out the news.  Magic 11's jingle appears and then the very first song.  The Beach Boys "heroes and villains".  As a new romantic 14 year old I thought "what the hell is this?".  "heroes and villains" fades out.  Tim Webster introduces himself with LRB front man Glen Shorrick.  As they talked, the intro of Splitenzs' "Message to my girl" fades in, as 2-U-W takes on a new identity.

Other highlights of 2UW in those days was the top 40 countdown on Sunday nights, which was hosted by Ron E Sparks up to Christmas 1986.  In January 1987, this slot was taken by Graham Webb's Sunday night requests.  On week days, Trevor Sinclair hosted the "Rock, Roll and Remember" lunch hour with Garry Jaygor, when 2UW became a full on classic hits format in January 1985.  Rick Melbourne did breakfast from 1980 through to 1983 when he was replaced by Tim Webster and Glenn Shorrick.  In February 1985, Bazz and Pilko came from 5KA in Adelaide and performed their Peter Plus Magic up to November 1990.  By January 1991 2-U-W hit the coffin with their ratings.  During this time, the stations format was continuous golden oldies from the fifties and sixties, with a splash of the seventies.    Occasionally you might have found an eighties track in the mix.  In January 1991, Collin Mooney took over breakfast.  2-U-W's golden oldies format continued unnoticed until Saturday April 30th 1994. 

This was when 2-U-W changed into Mix 106.  There catch phrase was Sydney's best mix of the 70's 80's and 90's.  I kind of laughed at the new FM format!!  Are you serious??  I Tuned for four straight days to Mix and heard nothing but nineties music.  O'Kay I heard about two songs from the 80's and most probably one from the 70's.  Why didn't they use the catch phrase, Sydney's continuous 90's mix???.  Basically the Mix format was a very watered down version of what 2Day fm Once sounded like.  The easy music was okay but after four hours, it was time to change as the rotational play list started repeating.  We were also reminded of their new "MIX" artists several times every hour, which was kind of annoying.

2Day FM, Listen easy for a while.

I was also a loyal listener of 2Day FM in the early eighties.  Remember the days when this FM station had an easy going format?  I can still remember Grant Goldman doing breakfast, listening to Dave Norman in the afternoon with Bob Hughes.  Bob Hughes previously worked at 2WS.  John Carroll presented the late evening slot from 8:00 till midnight, and is today well known for doing many voice overs for other stations and product promotions.  I always enjoyed the album show with Brad Marsh and Jon O'Donald on Sunday evenings.  Remember George Moore on weekday mornings, playing selections from Randy Crawford, Rita Coolidge, Atlantic Rhythm Section, Steely Dan and Barbara Streisand.   Wow, those were the days when radio was all personality without the noise factor.  For most of the eighties, Frank Avis and Terry Mabb read the news updates with Leigh Wallis.  Debbie Spillane also read a lot of the news bulletins in the late eighties.   

From 1988 through to 1990, 2Day went through a solid gold phase, where they played a variation of artists from the 60's, 70's and 80's.  Chris Kerns did a short stint on Sunday mornings from April to July 1988,.  For the first half of 1989, Dean Matters worked the five to nine morning shift.  At this time, 2Day started shifting away from Jingles onto voice overs, to cut station costs.  Mike Drayson and Holger Brockmann were some of the first voice-overs the station used from July 1987 onwards.

In 1990 the first big changes started appearing in Sydney Radio.  On Sunday July 1st 1990, 2Day FM turned off the great sounding Generation X music, and turned on the full on kids format.  That was a true smack in the face.  All the old 2Day FM voices that we came to know were gone.  Mike Hammond appeared in Toni Harpney's place.  Mike already worked with 2Day, doing mid-evenings during the later part of 1989.  This included a countdown segment, "The Top Eight at Eight".  George Moore was ditched for Richard Munk.  Dave Norman vanished forever, as John Bell was his replacement. Bob Hughes moved to the ABC, as Keith Williams took over drive.  Malcome Paul took care of the kiddies top 30. Clare Blake took over Greg Diamonds late evening slot.  Greg started voice over jobs for Channel Seven.  From 1987 Greg worked Sunday nights, doing the top 30 CD countdown which was axed in July 1990.  With 2Days changes at the time, the CD countdown was removed from air, to make room for Shadoe Stevens American Top 40.  Other announcers for the new format included Jamie Angie and Nick Bennett.  The two staple news readers of 2Day  -  Frank Avis and Terry Mabb  -  had resigned.  I described the experience at the time as "A first class job of trashing a great generation X radio station".

I think aggregation was the worst thing for the radio industry, as many stations lost their individual program style, and many great presenters disappeared.

If I won the lottery, I would buy 2day FM, and bring back that easy rolling sound, including these great promos.

Barry Crocker promo from about 1981-1982??
(higher bit rate; may buffer on download)
Another promo from the same era.
(higher bit rate; may buffer on download)
2 Day FM Promo  -  First aired January 1987
Mike Hammond interviews Kylie Minogue  -  Thursday 23rd November 1989

Breakfast Announcer
1224 2WS

8pm to midnight
1224 2WS

Greatest Memories and Latest Hits, 1224 2WS.

I kind of listened to 2WS from time to time since 1979, but didn't really take much note of the station until about November 1985.  2WS Started broadcasting on Thursday 23rd November 1978, and was originally an AM station located on 1224 on the AM band.

During November 1985, Pete Graham was getting us all out of bed with traffic reporter, Sam Fox. Hans Torv worked on the late morning shift. I'm quite sure Hans has worked at 2WS since it's inception in November 1978. Dave D. Whitcomb's shift was from mid-day through to 4:00 when Ian Holland started. Ian worked with Fiona Wylie for about eighteen months. A smooth low female voice came over after 8:00. Remember Karyn Raisin?. She left in January 1986 when Annie Webster took Over. On week nights, Annie presented a lay-back adults kind of program. She played a mixture of music with guest presenters. One of which was a Psychiatrist, John Gibbons.

On Tuesday August 5th 1986, Sydney faced extreme floods as a rain depression dumped 300 ml of rain in one afternoon. Fiona Wylie worked from 4:00 that afternoon with Ian Holland, through to One the next morning with Annie Webster.  Fiona read the stations traffic at the time.  Because the floods had turned Sydney's afternoon drive time into a mess, she continued with the traffic reports for nine hours. That's the longest radio shift I've ever heard.  Annie Webster left 2WS in February 1987, when David Collins took her slot.  David worked already for the station, doing fill in spots for Ian Holland since early 1986.

One of 2WS's highlights in my opinion was Ian MacRae's Hit Trivia Program, which commenced in early 1986. Ian would play a lot of the big eighties hits on his show and often commented on numerous trivial facts. Many of the facts covered world records, strange and unusual things about pop stars and a host of other facts. Can you still remember the name of his trivia twin??. This program aired on Sunday nights from seven through to ten.

When Bazz and Pilko left 5KA in Adelaide at the end of 1984, Ian took-over the breakfast shift with fellow trivia twin….. Dennis "the fox" Morgan. (often called foxy)  The Hit Trivia program was produced at the studios of 5KA.  The master was then sent to 2WS where it was aired and distributed to other stations.

The last two hours of the evening were taken up with Barry Mac's Music Soundtrack, which covered much of the pop music from 1955-1975.  These programs were removed from air in 1988, to make way for John Blackman's new show. He presented a Australia Wide Program called the Solid Gold Countdown. This was sponsored by Toyota Camrey. John's program lasted for three hours from 6:00pm and contained a number of different countdowns. Each hour he would countdown a top ten chart from a different year. One from the 60's, another from the 70's and a chart from the 80's. This program was produced by RadioWise Networks who still produce programs for the industry today. When John Blackman vanished in June 1992, David Dwyer appeared for the first time and presented a love song dedications program. 2WS converted to FM in June 1993. The laid back style of the station went out the window. From it's first days of FM, 2WS's sound became more rock n roll orientated with more competitions. Hans Torv and Kayley Harris started the brekky shift in February 1992.  They worked together on the same program for over 10 years.  Sometime during 2001-2002, Hans left the station and was replace by Jonesy.  Hans now owns a station on the Gold Coast.  Kayley started her time in Sydney in 1983, when she worked as a traffic lady for Rick Melbourne on 2UW.  2WS has now relocated from it Seven Hills studios, to new facilities at North Ryde.  A Christian radio station now occupies their old premises at Leabon's Lane. 

First Jukebox Saturday Night Promo  -  First aired around June 1986

The new rock of the 80's, 2SM

My musically enriched ears also received a good dose of 2-S-M.  This station was very popular during the 1970's, topping the ratings for most of the decade.  If you're a Sydney cider, you'll most probably remember that good old reverb.  "That signature echo  -  I remember it well".  My first experience with 2-S-M was listening to Paul Holmes on Friday 19th February 1982.  He worked the 3pm to 7pm shift.  During this period, they rocked with the anthem "2SM  -  The Power!".  At the time they had Jeff Angel as news reader.  In January 1983 they changed their catch phrase from "the power" to "the new rock of the 80's". 

I listened to 2SM in short bursts.  I remember for some reason that they used very tight play-lists during the 1984 period.  It seemed the turn-around cycle was about every four hours; what a killer!  October 1984 saw the appearance of the first AM stereo radios.  Unfortunately this radio technology was a flop.  The new radio technology revived 2SM's ratings briefly, through the earlier part of 1985.  At the end of 1984, Julie Brodsky replaced Paul Holmes who then moved to Triple M.  Other announcers I vaguely remember from this period were Ray Author, who I think did afternoons and Steve Murphy.  Club Veg (Malcolm Lees and Vic Davies) started their style of humor and satire in January 1986, when they commenced work on the 7pm to midnight shift.  After a few short years at S-M, they soon moved to Triple M in April 1988.  This was the time when the 2-S-M's North Sydney Studios were being renovated. 

Father Jim McLaren started his radio career in 1968 at 2UW.  He presented short segments that promoted Christian values.  He then worked Sunday evenings as a councilor, from 1970 through to the mid eighties.  At this time he moved to 2SM, when it was renamed Lite 'n' Easy.  Father McLaren disappeared off the airwaves when 2SM was shut down at the end of June 1992.  He was diagnosed with cancer in the late nineties, and had past away in Sydney during March 2001 at the age of 70.   

On Saturday 2nd April 1988, 2SM became Lite n Easy 1269.  After 24 years of playing nothing but top 40 music, the station had a new identity, and no longer enjoyed the top ratings it once had in its earlier days.  After eight years at 2Day, Grant Goldman moved to Lite and Easy 1269's breakfast. 

The station continued to performed poorly in the ratings, which initiated continuous format changes from July 1989 to June 1992.  Over the twelve month period of July 1991 to June 1992, 2SM played a continuous seventies eighties format, with the catch phrase "The station you grew up with.  Although the ratings were very low, I thought this was 2SM at it's best.  Besides playing music from this era, it also played specials of news events from that time.  The announcer line-up included Ian Walker, Georgia Brown and Barry Mac, who previously presented a nostalgia program on 2WS, years earlier.  In March 1992, the station was bought out by a consortium of people, including John Brown.  They then sold it off to Wesgo Communications.  This was the company that owned 2WS.  After the termination of 2SM in June 1992, the station played continuous easy music, without any station name, ID's or adds.

In October, Sydney's first commercial country radio station called "Sydney's Hottest Country" appeared.  From that point, the station hit death row and since then has wavered at the bottom of the Sydney ratings chart.  Very sad when considering what a great station 2-S-M once was.  In January 1996, 2SM briefly re-appeared with it's legendary logo.  Remember the record in the denim zip?  Well this time it was a CD in the legendary zipper.  They gave the sixties, seventies and eighties format another go, up to 1998.  Ex Triple M brekky announcer Doug Mulray did a eight month stint, from July 1997 to March 1998. 

He moved to the drive slot of 2WS FM in April 1998.  He experimented by simultaneously broadcasting on 2WS and a pay-tv channel at the same time.  I don't know if it was successful, as this was the period when I generally tuned out of commercial radio.  Nowadays, 2SM is trying it's hand at the talk-back radio market.  Checking recent ratings charts, the station is still hovering around the 1.0 to 0,8 ratings point range. 

From the period of 2002 to 2003, 2SM presented a half talk half music format, which was different and worth listening to.  Announcers included Grant Goldman for breakfast, both Howard Sadler and Trisha Duffield presented talkback in the late mornings as James (not sure of his other name) did lunch time requests.   There was John Henry who did talkback in the afternoons as Graham Gilbert (who seems to live at the station) worked evenings.  I enjoyed Tad Pearson's overnight program, which was a mixture of people ringing in and him playing music, which often included obscure classics from the 70's and 80's.  During the later-part of 2003, the station's format in my opinion started to deteriorate (again), as some of the programs were put into auto-pilot mode, and slowly but surely, those country and western hits are starting to eat into the music format. (no, no, no,  please don't go that way guys).  2SM is now part of an Australian wide radio body called the Super Network of Stations.

Debbie Kruger's memories of 2SM in the earlier years (1970's)

Hot Hits and Favourites, 2 K A.

In March 1987 we bought a place in the Blue Mountains, West of Sydney and eventually moved up there in 1990.  In 1987, my ears were introduced to 2-K-A.  This radio station based in Penrith was a quiet achiever. 

In April of 1987, I heard the station for the first time.  Bryan Sanders was 2-K-A's key DJ personality as he presented the Midday to 4pm slot, and announced the live football coverage on Sunday afternoons.  Reg Dowton was K-A's brekky voice.  Richard Perno worked on the 9am to midday shift up to July 1988 when the station changed its format  from a variety hits station to top 40.  Richard Mercer, who is now known for his lovey-dovey late-nite show on Mix 106. Was then the manager of 2KA.  He presented the 4pm to 7pm shift, which was followed by a pre-recorded non-stop music program, that continued through the night.  At this time, they had Jenny Tallmen and Shon Walker as news-readers.   

In July '88 2KA stopped playing a lot of its great music and moved toward a rotational playlist format.  One of K-A's new programs was called "Coca-Cola's Hot Hits Sunday".  After 2-K-A's inception of the Top 40 format, Perno moved to 2-U-W as Mercer moved into his slot. Kerry Denton appeared and took control of Drive.  In August of 1988, Reg Dowton disappeared as David Archer replaced him.  David now works on a late night love show on Wollongongs I-98-FM.  2-K-A's catch phrase was also shortened from "Hot Hits and Favourites" to "Hot Hits". This format continued right through to October 1992 when the station converted to FM. 

This was the last time I really took note of the station as from the beginning of 1993, the stations sound went down-hill.  The station was renamed 96.1 ONE FM and followed the same foot steps as 2day FM.  Mike Hayden Entertainment was a small media company in Penrith that owned a small cinema complex and 2-K-A.  The radio station part was bought out by Wesgo Communications.  The Mike Hayden Cinemas that were connected to the back of 2KA's studios where purchased by Hoytes at the same time.  On my last visit to Penrith about a year ago, I saw that both the cinema complex and radio station studios, on the corner of Henry and Lawson Streets were vacant.  ONE FM went through a number of name changes over the last ten years, and now sits quietly at the back of WSFM's new studio complex in North Ryde. 

Again the station went through more changes and now is called "96.1 The Edge".  It now plods along with the phrase "your number one hit channel".  With all the changes.  I don't think there's a bone left anymore, from the 2KA days. Very sad!!!

2KA Promo that came into rotation around 1989.
The beginning of One FM 96.1 on Friday 23rd of October 1992 at 1:00 pm.
2KA's last promo series before they switched to FM in 1992

Magazine flyer
Dated February 1986

The one small memory of Triple M I still cherish is Johno and Dano. They used to do Drive from 1984 to 1986.  They were funny but not repulsive.  I loved them. In 1985 Paul Holmes moved from 2SM to Triple M.  Doug Mulray worked the brekky shift from 1982 and resigned at the end of 1993.  From 1984, Margaret Bates read the afternoon news bulletins and left the M's in 1988, when she started work with Channel 10's late night news.  From 1989 through to about 1996 1997, Triple M had the Classic Nine At Nine.  This segment commenced at nine o'clock each morning and played nine songs from a particular year.  That was the one part of Triple M I regularly listened to, which was hosted by Stuart Cranney.

I still have some old tapes somewhere of all these great announcers from back then.  I've recently moved to a paid hosting package, which now allows me to present audio material on the internet.  I'm currently working through my old tapes, converting stuff to Windows Media.  Some of these are starting to appear. 

They will truly be nothing like Sydney Radio, the way it was, back in the 80's.  And to be honest, I miss that radio environment of then like a long lost friend.  Today, commercial music radio stations are nothing more then a computer hard-drive, containing a selection of current hits that rotates every so many hours.  Radio back then was a source of entertainment, where nowadays it's just something to shift the dollars.  By 1997, I found commercial radio unbearably noisy and repetitive.  Eversince then I have become a loyal listener to ABC Newsradio in Sydney, and 2BL when they don't have the cricket!  I've heard 2WS make a few good sounds every now and then, but still find them steeped to much in their 60's music tradition. 

I would love to present as much material as I can, about Sydney radio  -  the way it was in the 1980's.   If you have any further contributions in any form, please email me at  Any Flyers, charts, promos, tapes, or anything else in any other form relating to this area is welcome.

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