2PR FM Sydney Australia has Ceased Transmission
Updated Wednesday 1st June 2016

Dear listeners, we have come to the end of a long journey that has been both rocky and adventurous…. the time has come to sadly announce the end of 2PR FM's broadcasts.  In the past, we have usually found a way through and resumed broadcasting after a few weeks or months.  Regrettably on this occasion the sabbatical will be indefinite, in the realm of several months to years. 

My life has now taken me onto another trip to another place, which no longer is the world of radio.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our listeners for their support, and hope one day we meet again. 

The time for a radio station
that advocates for the Handicapped is NOW!
Updated Thursday 20th January 2016 at 7:55 pm

    * a:)   Removal of Graeme Innes and Australian disability commissioner role .
    * b:)   Not enough support for carers.
    * c:)   The poverty level of the Disability Support Pension.
    * d:)   Closure of the ABC Ramp Up website.
    * e:)   Government cutting funds to federal advocacy group; People With Disabilities (PWDA).
    * f:)   Lack of disability access to public places and buildings.
    * g:)   Lack of funding for special needs teachers.
    * h:)   Not enough suitable housing available for disabled persons.
    * i:)   No resources for those with Asperger's Syndrome.
    * j:)   Rampant discrimination and harassment of handicapped people.
    * k:)   Lack of employment prospects for those with a disability.

These are the real issues facing people with handicaps and disabilities here in Australia today, and unless we speak up and put up a fight, these issues will continue to get worse.  Though what has happened is abhorred and unforgivable, the battle has not been lost, we can still change how these issues effect us.  The bottom line is our attitude; is our glass half full or is it half empty?

Our ultimate goal is to set up a radio station in Sydney that has a city wide license and will advocate for people with disabilities, their carers, parents, and other family members, but 2PR FM cannot do this on its own, we need your support.

Our first aim is to gather enough interest, people like you with any form of physical or other disability.  We need to draw awareness to how not having any form of disability media in Sydney has effected us.  When we have enough material for presenting such a case, it will be submitted to PIAC (Public Interest Advocacy Centre).

2PR FM's first license submission was unsuccessful due to the fact that relevant ministers and ACMA felt that it was just me wanting to start a radio station in my backyard, while this is the furthest from the truth.  The travesty is that negligible interest groups representing NO MORE then 5% of Sydney's population already have TWO full power television stations, and two full power radio stations.  Full power in that they cover the entire Sydney Metropolitan area. 

ALMOST 20% OF SYDNEY'S POPULATION HAS A DISABILITY AND WE HAVE NO RADIO STATION THAT REPRESENTS US AS A DEMOGRAPHIC.  This has been a MAJOR failing of ACMA's licensing processes, this is what we are going to challenge through the PIAC process.

For simplifying issues, this is our plan:

a:) speak to people with disabilities and relevant interest groups.
b:) gather documentation relating to how not having disability media has effected us.
c:) submit this material to PIAC who will investigate it.
d:) PIAC will challenge ACMA regarding its failing in not delivering a true representation of Sydney media through it's licensing processes, based on the true demographics of Sydney's population. 


Senator Mitch Fifield, Australia's current communications minister has expressed desires to change Australia's media owner ship laws.  This is relating to how any large media proprietor can only own certain newspapers, radio stations, and television stations within a given geographical area like Sydney. 

Mr Fifield wants to push legislation through parliament within the next three to six months; however he will need the support of the minor parties, such as the Greens and Labor.  We are currently liaising with both parties, who are at this stage interested in looking into our situation.  As we have more resources compared to 2013, we can pack more of a punch to this year's election agenda..... But again, ONLY WITH YOUR SUPPORT.

We need letters of support, telling ACMA how the lack of a radio forum has prevented us from expressing our needs, our stories, our struggles, who we are, and celebrating what we have achieved. 

You can send letters of support to and please, please subject the email RADIO FOR DISABILITY ADVOCACY.  We get a lot of spam, so we don't want to have accidentally missed your letter.


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