The twentieth century will no doubt be one of the most eventful in living history, when it comes to the change in technologies, and mans endeavours in pushing the limits of the envelope in speed, height, endurance, and above all: the conquering of the unforgiving environment of space.

Besides my interest in radio, I have always been interested in the history of aeronautics, in relation to early flights breaking altitude records, first satellites and humans in space, interplanetary discoveries with various crafts and advanced equipment.

With the amount of information available on this topic, being too grate to throw into one website, I have simply listed an array of links, that will keep you glued to your internet for hours.  Through my search, I have found a lot of unfinished and incomplete sites, yet on the other hand a number of good sites, which I have listed below.

Besides the main sites of NASA, I have also listed some mind-blowing developments, (or non-developments) in relation to the Russian Space Program.  Was Yuri Gagarin really the first man in space?  Some of the links below show incredible evidence that the Russians managed to loose a number of their cosmonauts, before they finally got it right in April 1961.  After so many years, it is amazing that Russia still has so much to hide.  With so much still untold about this era, the intrigue in to the Russian Space Program has caught onto many space hobbyists across the world. 

One of the links carries a number of conversations between mission control and actual astronauts during flight.  Ham-radio operators, who managed to assemble the antenna, and place them at the right angle, picked these up.  One of the pages listed below carries sound-bites with conversations from various missions, including the first communications between Russian Mission Control and the MIR Space Station.

I have also listed some links that carry some good accounts of the early US Mercury and Gemini Missions, and buckets of information on the Apollo flights.  Also they are a few good links on the flying the U2 and SR 71 flights, and what these involved. 

I could go on forever about the amount of stuff that I have found over the last few years, but instead, I've listed all the links below.  Now I invite you to take control of the cockpit and discover "MAN IN SPACE - THE HISTORY AND THE COVER UPS"


The dreams of Space.
Updated Tuesday 6th October 2007 at 2:55pm

Arthur C Clarke's visions on what the space race would bring.
Article Dated October 1945, during the A10 and V2 Launching period.

Getting off the ground.
From the ground up, how the atmosphere changes from sea level to space.
Mans first attempts in reaching above the clouds.

(Unknown source) (most probably US Air Force Sight)
Training in the Hypobaric Altitude Chamber.

Article by Kevin Svetcos.
Early developments in the making of pressure suits.

Entering the envelope of space.
Flying the U-2

The introduction of space travel.
Good detailed accounts of the early Mercury and Gemini Missions.

Nasa Headquarters History Division
History of the first rockets in orbit and
a set of comprehensive articles relating to the Apollo missions.

The Russians hidden past and cover ups.
A somewhat questionable account from the Judica-Cordiglia brothers
of some Russians perishing in orbit, but still worth a read

This site discusses why the info on the above site is somewhat questionable:
This site discusses further, how more cosmonauts vanished before April 1961.

Sven's Space Place
More articles on the early days of space.

The soundbites
Space communications intercepted.

Sven's Space Place
Numerous files in Real Audio Format from US and Russian astronauts.

Some more sites worth checking out.
An excellent website that covers everything about space.
This link takes you to a complete chronicle of space events (fantastic)

Unknown source:
A good collection of photos taken of Venus from various Venera spacecraft.

Miscellaneous stuff.
An account of the Cuban missile crisis.


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